Wipro’s work in education is driven by the belief that education is a key enabler of social change and a better society. We believe in a social vision of democracy where each citizen is not only capable in an individual sense but also sees the ethic of equity, the essentiality of diversity, the ethos of justice, and is thus driven by social sensitivity.

One of the global issues faced by society today is the unequal status of women. Research shows that education goes a long way in correcting this disparity, leading to better outcomes in terms of gender equality and empowerment of women. However, many girls and young women are at a disadvantage because they lack access to education.The problem is more acute in developing countries and states with a low human development index.

In our country too, we find young women struggling to overcome multiple challenges imposed by social and cultural factors. For some who succeed, it is the lack of financial resources that ends their dream of pursuing higher education.This leaves them vulnerable to early marriages, increased poverty and further disempowerment.The cycle continues, increasing the socio-economic gap between their families and those who are more fortunate.

It is in this context that we offer the Santoor Scholarships for economically underprivileged young women who wish to pursue higher education.



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